Project tailored

We are able to carry out Your idea in full. Our work includes, among other things, conceiving of a schema of Your device, making a prototype and assembly of the final product. If You started Your project and You do not know how to continue, we will help You to finish it. It is possible to order the product in large quantities. In case of interest, we can also install the device right at Your place. Everything starts with Your idea!

We are using various components during the realization of the projects. As an example of the most commonly used components that we are able to incorporate into Your device, can be mentioned LCD Display (alphanumeric or graphical), Micro SD Data Storage Cards, Matrix Keyboard, GSM Modules (mobile phone standard for sending and receiving information messages), GPS locators, temperature, motion or other sensors, etc.

Here, on our website, You can see some examples of implemented projects and devices made by The list of realized projects is only demonstrative, most of them are subject to copyright and their submitters do not want to publish the main idea of the projects. If You are interested, You can buy stated devices and these can tailored to Your needs.